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Really well written and broken down. I'm interested in reading more of your posts. Thanks for sharing!

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"People often perceive individuals in higher positions as experts with incredible knowledge and an impressive track record."

So true! I used to think the same and then I find some junior engineers feeling the same.

Awesome article with so many tidbits for growing leaders.

What is your next goal and what challenges do you want to overcome?

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Very inspiring! It's been a relief to read your blog and feel I'm not alone, or an alien 😉

What I keep seeing is companies seeking EMs who will also do the individual contributor role, not as part of the role but the misconception of 'hire 1 get 2'. And then, oftenly, the managerial tasks get relegated to the bottom of the list.

There lies also the importance of communication to the management team and executives...

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Wow, this looks like fulfilling career with constant improvement. Well done!

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Thanks Thanos!

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