If so - I'll elaborate a bit! :)

1. Your content gives a fresh perspectives on topic that have been on top of my mind, but I didn't think deeply about - the mistakes you made, journaling, the engineering framework (especially that!)

2. The consistency and high quality of the writing and ideas is amazing. I was not surprised when you mentioned 6 hours per article, I would have guessed even more.

3. The illustrations gave me the boost I needed to reach for it myself, which gave a HUGE boost to the way I present ideas (and the way they are received).

4. The community you opened is a gold mine, both for ideas and interactions with smart, like-minded people.

So at a time like that, when you are moving to the next stage - take a minute to celebrate the amazing journey, and the influence you had (and have) on the fellow creators around you :)

Good luck!

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Great persistance and growth! You content and visuals give me a lot of inspiration for my own, so thanks for that :)

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